Repurposed Furnishings – Repurposed Attitudes


If you're a regular reader of mine, you know I love to repurpose used office furniture and new kitchen pantries for use in sewing and craft rooms. It just takes determination and creativity to give new life to old furnishings.

Well, it's the same thing with people and our attitudes. I learned a long time ago that we, as individuals, make the decision as to whether or not we're miserable. We can choose to react to situations and negative people, or we can keep our reactions focused on what is within our own control.

I want to tell you a wonderful story of how my 83-year-old mother has "repurposed her attitude". My delightful mom has always been quick to laugh and share in the fun around her, but I do not recall her creating her own fun. In other words, she never put herself first, and I know this is the philosophy of her generation (saying yes when she really wants to say no). Over the years, we've had many discussions about the importance of setting boundaries, and I know it's been sinking in. She's even become more accepting of young mothers taking time to go bowling with friends, for example. Well, if my mother could bowl, she'd be throwing strikes right now.

My mom is actually learning to toss her inhibitions aside, and flirt with the men at her independent living facility. My mother! Go figure. . . when she laughs now, they're true belly laughs. Her sense of humor has become wickedly funny. As to what changed, I do not know. Maybe she's finally taken my tip about adding a small amount of organic apple vinegar into her daily water intake (or maybe she's decided she does not want to be a widowed anymore). Regardless, I'm all for it.

Positive attitudes equate with charisma, and we're all drawn to magnetic people. I'm very proud of my mom's repurposed attitude. Just like with repurposed furnishings, a little determination and creativity can breathe new life into people, as well.

Source by Linda Griffith