Update an Outdated Interior – Tips to Make an Old Home Look New Again


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Could your rooms use an update?

Whether your home is older, or the look is just tired, you can make your home look as though it has been remodeled without spending much money at all! Your home is your castle; you want it to be welcoming, comfortable and appealing to all who enter. This article offers some super easy tips for giving the interior of your home a much needed face-lift, while sticking to a budget.

Painting – The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Transform a Room

No one really enjoys painting, but think of the beauty you can create in a room! If your walls are the average off-white or some other drab color, liven things up a bit. Paint one or two walls a bold or bright color that blends with the overall color scheme; this really jazzes things up! You may also want to paint furniture pieces that have seen better days. Old coffee or end tables take on an absolutely different look with a little paint and some stenciling!

Take a Good Look at Your Furniture

Is your furniture old? Maybe you are simply tired of the style or everything just feels too congested. Take a long, hard look at the room. Could a few pieces be taken out that are never used? This will open the room up, giving it a more open and airy feel and appearance. Use slipcovers if you can not afford new furniture. Today's variety lets you create absolutely new looking furniture at a cost that is way less than buying new furniture.

You can also repurpose furniture. Have a piece or two in other rooms that are never used? Consider painting them and using them as storage for games, toys and other things that often get strewn all over, creating a messy or junky look.

Add Color, and You Add Life

When it comes to giving the interior of your home new life, you can not say enough about the use of color. Color joins the eye and creates different moods. Bright colors energize; soft colors relax. If your color scheme is pretty much monotonous, consider the addition of exciting color splashes. Add brightly colored and intricately patterned throw rugs, throw pillows, and attention grabbing wall accents. You will not believe the transformation of a room when splashes of color break up the boredom!

Accessories Make the Difference

Every woman knows that accessories are the "jewelry" of the home. How you use them is a different story! Too many accessories can make a home look cluttered and disorganized. Too few, and the room has a cold, blank and individuous tone. You want a balance.

Often, large rooms take on a more personal, intimate look and feeling simply by the addition of more accents. Consider placing many accents in a grouping on one large wall. For small rooms, just the opposite is true. Use an over sized decoration piece on one wall, such as an intricately patterned tapestry. Put these tips to work, and you can completely transform the look of your rooms! The added bonus that everyone loves – you do not have to spend a lot of money to create great spaces.

Source by Leon Tuberman