What is New Years Eve in New York All About?


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The sights and sounds of New Years Eve in New York and around the Big Apple are something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. The city is a unique and diverse blend of cultures from around the world, yet everyone comes together to celebrate the New Year in style. Millions from around the world tune into the celebrations on their televisions just to see the ball drop at midnight.

The first step to finding deals for this special occasion is to do a bit of research. If you wait to book your flight or train at the last minute, then travel New Years Eve can be a big problem. There are hundreds of thousands of visitors to New York each day.

Add in the holiday traffic and you could be celebrating the New Year while sitting in an airport lobby. Book your hotel New Years Eve reservation and flight early to get the best deals. The hotels will fill up quickly, especially if the they are offering package deals. By booking early and confirming your reservations, you will be assured a spot to party.

New Years Eve New York means a visit to Times Square to see the ball drop. For many years, this was synonymous with Dick Clark and should be something everyone has the chance to see, but if you do not want to battle the huge crowds, then there are other events to attend.

During the day, while you are waiting for the New Year to usher in, you may want to consider attending a New York Broadway play. Just because you are there to party does not mean you have to miss out on a little bit of culture.

While you are hitting the hot spots on your visit, make sure you check out the memorial site of the Twin Towers. Paying homage to the victims of this catastrophe can be an affirmation of the birth of the New Year and new hope for the future.

Like most parties on this special day, you will need to get your tickets in advance if you want to rub elbows with some of the rich and famous. Don your elegant attire and celebrate a New Years Eve New York party that you will never forget.

Just as Cinderella attended the ball of her dreams, you can be surrounded by opulence and luxury. The great thing is that this is no fairy tale and you do not have to worry about your coach turning back into a pumpkin and leaving you stranded. Taxis run all night long and will see you back to your hotel.

Source by Mike Ramidden